8 November, 2023

Radisson Blu St Julian’s, Malta |  09:30 – 14:00 CET

Following the launch of Malta’s very first official Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Network and two successful conferences earlier this year to raise awareness on the topic, we now present to you our next D&I Conference – and this time, it’s all about taking action!

Join us as we delve into leading multi-generational teams, explore the impact of biases on AI algorithms, and hear from the D&I Network members as they share their actionable ideas and plans on various diversity and inclusion topics. Don’t miss this inspiring and hands-on conference, register below to save your seat!


We invite you to join our 6th Diversity & Inclusion Conference – Taking Action! While previous conferences have done an exceptional job of raising awareness and starting vital conversations, this time, we’re raising the bar. We believe that awareness alone is not enough; it’s time to turn discussions into tangible results.

Last year we embarked on the journey to raise awareness on the important topic of diversity and inclusion by introducing our very first Diversity & Inclusion Conference. Since then we have had four more successful conferences – two as part of Women in Gaming in London and another two at iGaming Next in Malta. As part of this journey, we also proudly launched the very first official D&I Network in Malta in March 2023.

Our next conference will move beyond raising awareness and into the realm of action. We will share practical insights and evidence-based practices on how to lead multi-generational teams, examine how biases can seep into AI algorithms and influence outcomes, and most importantly – take part of the actionable plans produced by the D&I Network members on cultural diversity, gender and disabilities & neurodiversity.

This will be a half-day of informative and inspirational talks that will leave you with concrete action plans, fresh ideas, and initiatives that you can implement yourself!

Jesper Svensson, CEO of Betsson Group, speaking at our first Diversity & Inclusion Network event (Ta’Xbiex, Malta).

The speakers and agenda will be updated continuously.


Gege Gatt
Gege Gatt


Dr. Gege Gatt is the CEO of London-based company EBO an A.I. enterprise which automates citizen engagement. He is a digital entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker, and IT-Law specialist. He is a WHO reviewer on healthcare information strategy. Gege serves as an Executive Board Member of the Malta IT Law Association and is a specialist examiner at the University of Malta. He’s a Board Member of Humanity 2.0 developed by the Holy See in Rome with a consortium of thought-leaders to identify and remove impediments to human flourishing.

Sarah Adesuyan
Sarah Adesuyan

Customer Experience Advisor - U.K. market | LeoVegas Group

Sarah Adesuyan is born and raised in London of Nigerian heritage. She moved to Malta with her partner over 3 years ago and is currently working at LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group. Her goal is to promote equality and promote a shared space for all communities in Malta and to work with the gaming industries for a better diverse and talented Malta. She is also proud to be working voluntarily with the Anti Racism Platform in Malta.

Lena Nordin
Lena Nordin

CHRO | Betsson Group

Lena Nordin has more than 25 years of HR experience. She joined Betsson Group in 2017 as Chief HR Officer and is based in the HQ in Malta. She is responsible for developing and implementing Betsson Group's human capital strategy that is aligned with the Group's business objectives and its constantly evolving requirements. In her role, Lena provides leadership to all human resources personnel globally across Betsson Group's locations.

Viviana Premazzi
Viviana Premazzi

Founder | Global Mindset Development

Viviana, a seasoned traveler and founder of Global Mindset Development, has explored over 50 countries and established her international social enterprise in Malta. GMD Training and Consultancy Services Ltd. offers online and in-person consulting, training, and mentoring worldwide, fostering open-mindedness and cultural diversity in workplaces. With a background as a UN and World Bank consultant, Viviana has provided expert advice on Cultural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Cultural Intelligence, International Mobility, and Global Leadership to a range of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and government agencies. PhD in Sociology of Migration.

Joseph K Muscat
Joseph K Muscat

Consultant | JKM Consulting

Over the years of running his own business and through employment, one of the biggest challenges Joseph Muscat has faced is management, clients, and contractors struggling to work with dedicated and hard-working team members who don't seem to fit because they are neurodivergent, also known as having learning difficulties. As a person with learning difficulties himself, he has become an advocate for individuals who don’t know how to develop the skillset needed to succeed and champion neurodiversity in the workplace.

Maria Loumpourdi
Maria Loumpourdi

Head of Talent Development | Betsson Group

Maria Loumpourdi leads a combined function of Learning and Development, Performance Management, and Diversity and Inclusion at Betsson Group, acting as a people growth enabler through the design and execution of talent management and development strategies across all organisational levels and global locations. Maria is also a doctoral researcher at the University of Glasgow. Her research focus revolves mainly around leadership development. She has also done extensive research on the impact of gendered structures on women’s leadership development in the workplace.


Registration & Networking Coffee
The competitive edge of Diversity & Inclusion in today’s business landscape
Opening Remarks & Presentation

Speaker: Lena Nordin – CHRO, Betsson Group

In this talk, we will explore the important role of diversity and inclusion in response to the changing workforce demographics, talent shortages, business demands, and the ambition of tech companies for global expansion.

Join us as we explore not only the ethical imperative of fostering diverse workplaces but also the strategic edge it provides in a landscape where innovation, adaptability, and a global mindset are key to staying ahead.

Leading multi-generational teams
Keynote Speaker

Speaker: Maria Loumpourdi – Head of Talent Development, Betsson Group

A millennial leader and doctoral researcher specialising in leadership development will delve into the dynamic landscape of leading multi-generational teams. With first-hand experience in managing individuals across the generational spectrum, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z in different industries, this session will offer practical insights coupled with evidence-based practices.

You will learn how to leverage the unique characteristics, communication preferences, and work styles of different individuals, fostering cohesive and high-performing multi-generational teams.

AI: Unlocking human capital efficiency while mitigating bias risks
Keynote Speaker

Speaker: Dr. Gege Gatt – CEO, EBO.AI

As AI technologies evolve, they are no longer merely auxiliary tools but core drivers in organisational decision-making frameworks—from automating talent acquisition to enabling personalised employee experiences. But it’s crucial to recognise that these systems are not infallible; opacity and data biases can present formidable challenges. So, what’s the level of transparency in the AI systems your enterprise relies upon? Are they built on equitable data or simply reinforcing existing societal biases?

In this compelling discussion, we will navigate the complex landscape of AI’s influence in the modern workplace, shining a light on both its transformative advantages and associated risks.

Through case studies, we’ll delve into the profound psychological ripple effects instigated by AI, elucidating how unintentional biases can infiltrate algorithms and shape organisational dynamics. More importantly, we will explore actionable strategies and frameworks to ensure AI’s ethical and responsible deployment, thus aligning the technology with the multifaceted needs of our talent pool and workforce.

Coffee Break
A call to action – The D&I Network presents its ideas and future plans

Speakers: Viviana Premazzi, Joseph K Muscat, Sarah Adesuyan, among others

In this session, we will hear from the members of the very first official Diversity & Inclusion Network in Malta as they present their ideas and future plans for the following D&I topics:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Gender (including women of colour)
  • Disabilities & Neurodiversity
Closing Remarks

Speaker: Maria Loumpourdi – Head of Talent Development, Betsson Group

Networking Lunch