Fair Play

At Betsson, we live by our company values: One Betsson, Fair Play and Passion. We believe that by playing fair we all win together.

This is the home of our Local Community Engagement, Responsible Gaming, and Partnerships initiatives. 

Responsible Gaming
Local Community Engagement

Keep it fun

Gambling is a hobby as old as time itself, enjoyed by millions across the globe in a leisurely way every day. We want our players to have fun playing with us, which is why we promote responsible gaming.

Responsible gaming

Responsible Gaming is the corner stone of our business, a solid foundation that we take very seriously. We know that gaming is not completely risk-free. For nearly all our customers, it adds diversion and excitement to their everyday lives. For a few, however, gambling might become problematic.

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We have a number of tools to support our customers in gaming responsibly. The tools differ slightly according to brand and jurisdiction. Check out the Responsible Gaming pages of the particular brand for more information.

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To help keep your gambling at a fun and safe level, we have collected some useful tips for you to think about. By understanding your gaming behaviour and putting yourself in the driver’s seat, you limit the risks.

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We care

Betsson has offices around the world and is keen to be part of local society. One of our company values is One Betsson, and together – inside and outside of the company – we do our best to make an impact.

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We engage

By collaborating with teams and individual athletes and entertainers, we engage with society and get involved. Our efforts to support sporting clubs, teams and events are a natural part of our love for sports. We are proud to be in the sports betting business and aim to offer our customers fair odds, terms and conditions. We are passionate about what we do and the industry we are in, which means our ambassadors get our full attention and warrant a fruitful partnership.

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