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We want our players to have fun playing with us, which is why we promote responsible gaming.
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Responsible Gaming at Betsson

Responsible Gaming is the corner stone of our business, a solid foundation that we take very seriously. We know that gaming is not completely risk-free. For nearly all our customers, gaming adds diversion and excitement to their everyday lives. For a few, however, gambling becomes a problem.

Responsible operator

Responsible operator

Offering online gaming comes with the responsibility to ensure we offer our customers a safe, secure and fun experience. We were the first company in Malta to dedicate full-time resources to Responsible Gaming and we have a number of tools and procedures in place to help our customers gamble responsibly. The first responsible gaming training for the online business took place in 2002 and the first full-time specialist in responsible gaming joined the Company in 2007.

Our websites and responsible gaming procedures are assessed and audited on an annual basis by our external training and accreditation provider – The Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4). The audits include randomised interviews of our personnel to ensure we remain customer-centric and sensitive to potential problem gambling. We also sponsor research into responsible gaming.

Promoting Responsible Gaming

Promote responsible gaming

On a regular basis, our depositing customers receive an email promoting our Responsible Gaming tools. Customers are encouraged to learn more about these features and to set deposit limits. All of emails send to customers have a footnote which directs our customers to our responsible gaming pages for the respective brand.

Customer welfare is at the core of our philosophy and Betsson Group is honoured to sponsor and be represented at the world’s leading responsible gaming conferences. Sharing our knowledge across the industry only serves to benefit the customer.

Family or friend concern

Family or friend concern

Due to player integrity and data protection rules, we do not give out any information to third parties. However, we offer contact information of organisations that can assist those with gambling-related issues or friends or family affected by gambling.

Employee Training

Employee Training

All new employees, no matter what their role, receive an introduction to responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility issues. In addition, all customer-facing personnel receive in-depth and refresher training as necessary. This complements the externally facilitated responsible gaming training that takes place at our offices from time to time.

Customer Service

We are always here

Our Customer Service is open 24/7, always ready to support our players. All our Customer Service Agents have been given extensive training in Responsible Gaming and get regular refreshers. The agents can also turn to the dedicated Responsible Gaming Team for support. During weekends or after work hours, our Responsible Gaming managers are always available to the Customer Service Team 24/7.

Self-assessment Test

If you are worried about developing a gambling problem, please try our Self-assessment Test.

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Responsible gaming tools

We have a number of tools to support our customers in gaming responsibly. The tools differ slightly according to brand and jurisdiction. Check out the Responsible Gaming pages of a particular brand for more information.

Self-Assesment Test

Self-Assessment test

Scientific and anonymous, this questionnaire allows customers to get an indication of their gaming patterns. Upon completing the test, customers can take a range of cooling off options, read more about how to gamble responsibly or contact Customer Service.



Our customers have the option to close their account themselves by using the self-exclusion option on the site or by contacting Customer Service and specifying the period they would like their account to be closed for. Some jurisdictions have country wide exclusion services which we tap into to make sure our records are up to date.

Deposit Limits

Deposit limits

We provide tools that allow customers to set their gaming budget on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The feature protects the customers from spending/losing beyond their set limit, exclusive of any winnings, and is calculated on the net amount in the account.

Age Verification

Age verification

Our age verification procedures assure that underage individuals are not allowed to play on any of our sites. We also provide advise on how to protect children from using gambling sites.

Self Help programme

Self help programme

We offer a free online self-help tool based on cognitive behavioural concepts. The length of the programme can vary between 6-8 weeks.

Reality check notifications

Reality check notification

Our awareness pop up helps customers keep track of their current game play. Users are notified of game play, time and balance.

Idle timeout

Idle timeout

To safeguard the customer’s personal account, users will be automatically logged out after a determined time period if there is no activity on the site.

Personal Session limit

Personal session limit

Customers may choose to limit the time they spend on our games.

Gaming overview

Gaming overview

A gaming overview gives customers a clear picture of their gaming history, thereby increasing the customer’s control.

Analysis tool

Analysis tool

We have our own analysis tool that monitors player behaviour and is used to discover, prevent and manage any problem gaming. All data is processed taking into consideration the integrity of the customers and in line with applicable standards of information security and privacy based on EU legislation and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).



Our FAQ pages are constantly updated and checked by our Quality Team to provide up to date articles regarding Responsible Gaming. This tool is important as we operate multiple brands and hold gaming licenses in twelve jurisdictions – which all have their specific responsible gaming requirements.

Independent Organisations

Independent organisations

We offer contact information of organisations that can assist those with gambling-related issues or friends or family affected by gambling. This information is based on the country that the individual resides.

Gaming Tips

To help keep your gambling at a fun and safe level, we have collected some useful tips for you to think about. By understanding your gaming behaviour and putting yourself in the driver’s seat, you limit the risks.

Gambling for fun

Don’t think of gambling as a way to make money. Think of it as a fun hobby.

Gamble with money you can afford to lose

Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

Never chase losses

Never chase losses.
Play for fun.

Set a money limit

Set a money limit.

Set a time limit

Set a time limit.

Don't gamble when depressed

Don’t gamble when you are depressed or upset.

Gambling and alcohol is not a good combination

Gambling and alcohol is not a good combination.

Balance gambling with other activities

Balance gambling with other activities.